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Chrome new update lets you open hundreds of tabs with pop-up tab feature

Google knows everything that you do all day using tech gadgets and it also knows your secrets. No, not that one. But, the makers of Chrome are aware of the fact that you keep way, way too many tabs opened. This is something that certainly explains the new version of the browser released on 23 Oct 2019. Which comes with a great feature like TAB Hover Cards

Before that, when you did stack too many browser tabs opened, they would become shorter & shorter until any space between them completely vanished. But, it was like a drag (of course, melting into oblivion might be your sort of thing).

I still remember the funny Oliver Willis’s Tweet he posted in 2017.

No more pain my tab dudes. Now, we should say thanks to the tab hover cards feature aforementioned. Because, when you hover your mouse pointer over a non-selected tab. It will show the tab window as for as long as you place your mouse pointer on it.

To use this wonderful feature you need to update your chrome browser to the latest version and guess what, that’s easy to do. Just go to your chrome settings page and update it.

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