Set Proxy for a Specific Website in Chrome

Tired of switching your proxy ON and OFF whenever you visit a site that is blocked in your country or you want to use the proxy for that specific website. Then the method I am going to share will help you get rid of it. By using my method you can easily Set Proxy for a Specific Website you want to access through the proxy web server and do not want to use your actual IP.

What is a Proxy Server?

A Proxy Server is a dedicated system software that is running on your computer which acts as a go-between an endpoint device. Such as a system, and another server from which a person is requesting the service. It will give you access to a domain by using the Server IP, not yours.

Why would you set proxy for a specific website?

Because nobody uses a proxy for all the websites he visits in a day. You will only need a proxy for 1 or more websites at a time. But, the problem is when you turn on your proxy extension or software, It starts giving you access to all the sites through a proxy which is bad for your personal accounts. Because the site would determine you as a fake user and you can have issues with your accounts in the future. To avoid it you can set your proxy extension to only work for 1 or more websites of your choice.

How to Set Proxy for Specific Website

You just need to follow 5 simple steps for this:

    1. Install Browsec Chrome extension in your chrome browser or for Browsec for Firefox.
    2. After installing it, a little globe icon will appear in your browser at the top right corner. Click on it and choose Smart Settings>>Edit Smart Settings.Set Proxy for a specific website
  1. Now add the site you want to use through a proxy and it will only be surfed anonymously.

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