Get Rid of Slow Chrome Extensions Here’s How

A Browser is very basic Software to explore different sites on the internet. There are different browsers to download and put them to work but I personally like Chrome because it’s quite fast, secure and has a lot of extensions for different purposes. Reading this post will solve your slow chrome extensions problem.

There are no limits of chrome extensions you can install at a time that’s why people install a lot of chrome extensions which is why they experience slow browsing speed. But it’s not always the extensions to blame, other factors could be worse.


Slow Browsing Speed Factors:

There are many factors which makes your browser work slow. I have listed a bunch of them below, read and apply to get a better experience of your browsing.

1.  Older Version of Browser

Not having the latest version of browser slows it down because some websites are designed with latest techniques and they require an updated version of your browser to perform smooth. Update your browser for a better experience.

2. Slow Websites

Sometimes, you may have Fast Internet and a PC with good specs but still a website loads slowly. Then don’t worry, there must be something wrong with the website’s server. That’s why it’s loading slowly.

3. Device with Low Specs

Make sure you’re using a computer or laptop with high specs because browsing sites smoothly require at least i3 Processor and 4GB RAM with latest Operating System installed.

4. Slow Internet Connection

This is the biggest factor of slow browsing experience. Because eventually, it’s the internet speed that loads websites fast. If you have a slow internet connection then you really need to upgrade it.

5. Outdated PC Drivers

Drivers play a very important role in every work you do on your computer so make sure you have all the updated drivers installed on your PC.

If you went through all the factors given above and still your browsing speed is steady then it’s definitely chrome extensions that are slowing down your browsing speed. Below is the complete guide to check how you can get rid of chrome extensions that are slowing it down.


How to Remove Slow Chrome Extensions

In the old times, you may have had experience of a slow PC and you would quickly press Ctrl+Alt+Delete Buttons to open Task Manager and find which program is using more CPU, RAM, and Disk to end its process.

Using the Same Procedure we will find the Extensions of Chrome that are slowing down your Browsing Speed.

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open your Chrome Browser.
  2. Go to Chrome Menu>>More Tools>>Task Manager or Simply Press Shift+Esc buttons to open it.
  3. Now you can find Slow Chrome Extensions in Chrome Task Manager that are using more CPU and RAM and replace them or remove them to get good browsing experience.

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