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4 Unconventional Ways to Make Money Online with Quora

Oh well, it sounds pretty strange! How one can earn money using a platform that doesn’t even look like a money making site from any posture. But there are some techniques that you can use to make money online using Quora working part-time. This read will not only help you make money but also increase knowledge of your expertise, specialties, and hobbies.

What is Quora

Quora is a platform with over 200 million monthly users. Comes with an interface where random people from all over the world can easily ask questions and get answers. It is similar to Facebook, but your post will be posted under a category. Where anyone can open your question and answer it the way he wants. Readers can upvote and downvote any answer. People mostly use it in their free time to put a boost in their knowledge and to make their self-busy for a while.

7 Reasons Why you should use Quora

Quora is a large planet of knowledge like Yahoo! Answers. I personally suggest you lower the use of Facebook because it only wastes your valuable time. Quora is a place of facts and real knowledge. Here are the reasons why you should use Quora:

  • It can help you increase your confidence and also make you a positive person.
  • Reading and writing will improve your writing skills.
  • Talking to random people on regular basis will improve your debating skills.
  • Helping random people will give you positive energy. That’s good for mental health.
  • It will also save all your writings in your profile to read what you wrote later on.
  • You can quickly ask the question comes in your mind and get appropriate answers.
  • You will find so much useful information that you haven’t come across before.

Ways to Make Money Online using Quora

There are 5 authentic ways I am going to reveal in here to make money online using Quora.

1. Quora Partner Program

The First one is Quora Partner Program that you can’t join unless Quora invites by sending an Invitation Email. In order to join this program, you’ll have to agree all their Terms and Conditions. You only make money by posting interesting questions. The more your questions get attention the more money you make. Quora only pays through Stripe. So a Stripe account is mandatory in order to receive your earned bucks. Read How to get invited to the Quora Partner Program.

2. Earn Money by Generating Traffic to your Blog

Blogging is a very old and proven way of earning money online if it’s done right. Some Indian and US bloggers earn millions of bucks from their blogs because they attract millions of people to visit their blog. The more traffic you drive to your blog the more money you make. Read How to make money from your blog if you don’t know how to convert traffic into $$$.

First, create a blog on any interesting niche you like. Start writing articles that actually help people in getting what they’re looking for. Subscribe your interest relevant categories on Quora so you can easily get related questions to answer. Try to write the answer as brief as possible so you get more upvotes. And at the end by any means manipulate the reader to visit your blog post (do not forget to paste your blog post URL). Which should be related to the question. Boom! now whenever someone reads your answer on Quora, 40 to 50 out of 100 people will visit your blog on average.

3. Make Some Bucks by Shortening URLs

This method is not that famous to make money online but simple as chocolate. You just need to get registered on the best URL shortening services. URL Shortening gives you two benefits.

  1. It converts your long 100 characters URL to short 10 to 12 characters URL.
  2. It shows an advert for 5 seconds before going to the actual link page and you earn money because of this advert.

There are numerous services which offer URL Shortening but they don’t pay to the community. So I have compiled the list of services which actually pay.

Join any services from the above and whenever you write an answer to a question on Quora. Just paste a shortened URL to any website that addresses the question more briefly at the end of your answer (in the source field). Now, whenever someone visits your URL you make money.

4. Selling Your Services

Selling services online is a great way to make money online being your own boss. Apart from using freelancing sites like Freelancer and Upwork, you can also sell your services using LinkedIn and Quora. This method will only work for people having some special skills like SEO, Web Design, Development, and Programming.

To make this work, you need to build a great profile that represents all of your skills and previous work with links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in Profile. So when you answer to a complex question, the OP (original poster) may understand it and make it work. But all the other readers will not have the same problem and will not find the solution. If you write at the end of your answer “If you still can’t make it work contact me” then people will surely contact you and you can charge them for your service.


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